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Have you had experience, either personally or for your team, where the instructor, course content, or class itself did not live up to its billing? How can you guarantee consistent quality across for all time and geographies when instructors change? With our online course community training these problems are solved.


FAST Modeling Skills

  • Learn the core modeling techniques and design principles articulated by the FAST Modeling Standard
  • Build better models with fewer errors in less time


Financial Statement Modeling

  • Combines the core elements of FAST Modeling Skills with basic double-entry accounting principles
  • Project financial statements (build earnings projections model)


Core Modeling Package


DCF Valuation Modeling

  • Learn the core principles of Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) valuation
  • Model the complex implementations of NPV and IRR calculations step-by-step


Project Finance Modeling

  • Learn to apply general business and non-recourse finance theory to forecast cash flows
  • Construct a fully-functional project finance model


Advanced Modeling Package

Leading Companies & Universities Trust Our Training

“FAST gives us a financial modeling platform that we can trust”

Rutger Te Grotenhuis, Rebel Group

“It’s surprising how much quicker people become when they know the methodology.”

Jerome Brice, Mazars

“The error margin we have in our models has gone down drastically”

Robert Jan-Bakker, Deloitte

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