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Our Take on Traditional Training

In-person courses: Only as good as the instructor

Have you had experience, either personally or for your team, where the instructor, course content, or class itself did not live up to its billing? How can you guarantee consistent quality across for all time and geographies when instructors change? With your online self-study programs these problems are solved.

  • NO MORE novice, ill-prepared, or low-energy instructors
  • NO MORE frog-marching through content at class pace
  • NO MORE travel nightmares, lost time, and expenses

First Day on the Job: Did this happen to you?

Are your new hires productively engaged from Day 1? Do you have competent staff available on tap to spend the time they should going through the ropes of financial modeling? Do your new hires flail around learning more bad habits while they wait the next scheduled financial modeling course? Do you then find they’ve forgotten everything by the time they get assigned an actual modeling job?

  • NO MORE lost productivity waiting for the next course
  • NO MORE learning bad habits from distracted colleagues
  • NO MORE ill-timed courses; training on tap when you need it

There’s a New Way – Online Financial Modeling Training

Consistent, high-quality, self-paced material anytime, anywhere, for everyone.

The content and materials for our structured video courses are derived from over a decade of in-person teaching. They are based on specific modeling case studies with clear sequencing of step-by-step build-up using the principles of the FAST Modelling Standard – just as we have traditionally done with our in-person teaching. Furthermore, our online system allows us to provide more material and support Q&A better than we could ever fit within the set schedule of an in-person courses. And to cap things off, each course includes a final case-based modeling exam with graded results.


Right from the point a new hire hits the office or precisely when required ahead of a modelling project. No longer must anyone wait for the next scheduled course, weeks of unproductive time, flawed efforts from self-learning, experienced staff scrambling to answer basic questions, or assembling enough individuals to make in-house training cost-effective.


More agile attendees need not slow themselves to the ‘average in the room’; nor is there any reason for less-experienced individuals to be concerned about their level of pre-course preparation. Everyone can go at his or her own pace, review past modules, and take time to practice skills that are appropriate for them as individuals.


Fits your schedule priorities. No longer will you need to battle between the pressures of the job and long-term skills development. Any day, anytime, anywhere in the world – the new online courses fit to your business reality.


We are able to peer-review our materials and lecture recordings, provide more detail and content, and offer the knowledge of our experienced instructors at unlimited scale. There is no need for us to resort to ‘stringers’ or part-time replacements to provide our training anywhere in the world


Each of our structured courses includes a graded final modeling exercise, which are graded by our experienced teaching assistants. Feedback reports are provided to the group manager for appraisal and follow-up.


Contact us to discuss new material requirements and postings may be appropriate over time. Your team can enjoy the benefits of confidential, personal, and long-lived communications with our instructors via your branded, Bloomfire-powered Corporate Portal.


One month access to materials and a graded final exam can be delivered to each individual at 1/10 of traditional training costs. And this is prior to considering transportation, lodging costs, and time wasted from traveling to off-site training venues.


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